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Why am I doing this?
As an owner of several JMB scripts myself I was a bit shocked at the sudden announcement (The original post is no longer available on his boards) from Jeremy. I enjoy writing perl & php scripts and troubleshooting issues with them so I figured that I would help the other owners.

Are you charging for this?
No. I will attempt to answer any question(s) and help with any script issue(s) with no payment demanded.  I would however not refuse donations of any amount or a wish list item if you feel that my help was worth it.

* PayPal Donation
* Amazon Wishlist
* StunMasterStunGuns.Com - Buy something from my site! A win/win for both of us!  :D Why did it take so long to answer?
Hopefully it didn't.  If it did I apologize for the delay.  Please keep in mind that I am NOT a JMB employee and help out ONLY WHEN I HAVE TIME to do so. There are times that I may get busy and forget to try to  answer your question.  Please contact me again if this happens and it  has been a few days since you contacted me.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I can be contacted in the below methods for unofficial support.
The trouble ticket is my PREFERRED contact method and MUCH easier for me to work with.

* Trouble Ticket:
* Forum: (Don't post passwords or other sensitive data!)Hosting Links:

* Host Gator - Use coupon code unofficialjmb and get 25% off your first month! Dedicated servers included!
* SingleHop
* Just Host (Adult Content NOT allowed)Affiliate Referals:

* Brothers In Cash
* BV Cash
* Ebina Cash
* Epic Cash
* Extreme Paychecks
* FTV Cash
* GammaCash
* Lightspeed Cash
* Mallcom (Adult DVDs & Toys)
* MovieDollars (HotMovies.Com)
* NastyDollars
* Nubiles
* PECash (Adult DVDs & Toys)
* Pimproll
* Royal Cash
* Teen Cash
* TopBucks


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