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Been in contact with Jeremy


I have been in contact with Jeremy now.  We are talking about getting his message forum data to me in some usable form.  Don't know if that is going to be just a SQL dump of the data to work with or my suggestion of getting the forum software itself if possible and putting up a read only copy here on this site.

He has added me as a contributor to his GitHub so I can push updates directly to the scripts now.

I have updated TGPX, LinkX & ToplistX to fix the iframe window in the main admin screen from showing the GitHub 404 page. The change is a easy one.  Grab the new code for the file /admin/includes/main.php and upload to your server.  This will change the iframe to pull a page ( ) with links to here and the GitHub site.  It also changes the "Tech Support" link to point here.

I have asked Jeremy if he has any unfinished code for updates or new features that he was working on.  He was not sure if there would be much if any but he would look and put it in GitHub if found.

Will keep you all updated.


Update 1
I have received a SQL dump of Jeremy's forums and most of the code that ran his forums.  I am about 90% of the way of making it usable.  I just need to clean up some internal navigation links but basically I have it to the point where I can browse all the forums and topics.

I am not going to go live with this.  I am going to get it usable and then create a static download like the other archive that I have as it is really hacked up code just to get it to work and may be vulnerable in it's current state.

Also, I want to point out that the DB did NOT have any of the following in it:

* NO account passwords
* NO purchase/financial details
* NO information that was contained in the PRIVATE encrypted message area to Jeremy.
* NO private personal details (Name, Mailing Address, Email, Phone, etc...) However, If you placed any of this in the public view part of the message then it is included.All that is contained in the DB is the Forum layout data, message/reply topic ID's and the messages themselves.  Your USERNAME is included if you made a post but that was PUBLIC info anyway...

I should have some more updates later.


Update 2
The JMB forums archive is now available at

I did not take the time to add the style sheet and graphics to it so is looks a bit weird but at least the info is available and that is the most important thing.

Thanks again to Jeremy for sending the SQL dump and forum code so that I could get a copy made.


Is there a way to search ?

That is really great of him to at least stay in contact with you and give any other updates there might be left.

It is BEYOND me WHY he decided to end his site and discontinue any upgrades. Particularly the TubeX script could have been further developed into something really really greater than it is.

I don't understand it. Whenever I find a good script the programmer always ends upgrades and support and fades away. There is so much more that TubeX could have developed into. I wish I had the skills. Thanks though for the scripts, Jeremy. It would be nice to provide some instruction on how to go-about upgrading the player to a html5 format though as well.

I know people would pay for that upgrade!


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